Accept any altCoin


Start Accepting Any Cryptocurrency in Few Seconds!

WooCommerce AltCoin Payment Gateway plugin helps you to accept bitcoin / any altcoin payment from your woocommerce store directly to your crypto-currency address without subscription / payment to third party software. Real-time price calculation with api that means when someone want to buy a product from your website and choose altcoin to pay, then this gateway immediately calculate the product price with current cryptocurrency market by api. So you don’t need to worry about the changing of the altcoin price.


  • Hassle Free Installation
  • Accept any coin from 1900+ crypto currencies
  • No 3rd party wallet signup / payment required
  • Accept any crypto-currency to your own crypto-currency address generated from anywhere, not from a specific wallet address.
  • After a successful order from a client, check your crypto-currency balance & release the product by confirming that you have received coins.
  • Accept any altcoin listed in the api listings
  • Automatic instant coin price calculation and will adjust to your product price. So you don’t need to worry about changing cryptocurrency market price
  • Automatically convert product price to altcoin
  • Automatically price counting by api
  • All secure and automatic mode


How To Use Woocommer altcoin payment gateway – Basic Setup Tutorial